What are CO2 extracts?

A plant is made up of many unique phyto-compounds and the process of steam distillation is unable to extract these valuable constituents. As steam distilled oils only consist of the plant’s aromatic volatile compounds, supercritical CO2 extracted oils consist nearly of the full spectrum of a plant.

The colour, scent and texture of a CO2 extract is a lot deeper and its aroma is identical to the original living plant itself.

CO2 extracts are food and medical grade and they are often used in the food and medical science industry, and also in dietary supplement products.

Our high-tech in-house equipment is used to extract vegetable oils. It uses carbon dioxide (CO2), high pressure and low temperature.

This method is able to extract almost complete compounds from all plants using liquid carbon dioxide.

The heat-sensitive plant components are usually destroyed during steam distillation, but are wonderfully preserved during the CO2 extraction process.

The pressure used during the process determines the type of constituents that are extracted from the plants. CO2 extracts are further subdivided into two categories, “Select” and “Total”.

CO2 Select Extracts are extracted under lower pressure and are similar to essential oils in that they are generally completely liquid, making them easier to use when pipetting or diluting the formulation.

CO2 Total Extracts are extracted under higher pressure and contain more of the original plant components including waxes, fatty oils and color pigments.

✓ Residue & toxins free
✓ Longer shelf life
✓ 0 contamination & purity guaranteed
✓ Aroma identical to plant
✓ Extracted constituents identical to plant
✓ Fat, alcohol, and oil soluble
✓ Heat, oxygen & light sensitive
✓ Eco-friendly process
✓ Food grade

CO2 extracted oils are the closest representation of the natural plant ever achieved.