Our founders Hajer and Hedi Derouiche (engineer and medical doctor) met twenty-one years ago. Their common love for Mediterranean nature and its heritage, but also for work and leadership united them. They got married in 2011, and they founded their first company, Actifs Précieux: eco-designed natural active ingredients. Indeed, they developed for the first time in AFRICA a major advance in the techniques of extraction and fractionation of natural products by supercritical fluid within the framework of a “green” chemistry approach.

After five years of research and development, they launched Aeshab, a holistic approach for inner beauty and wellness connection offering unparalleled quality and efficacy, inspired by our founder Hajer and Hedi Derouiche backgrounds in the world of spa therapy and wellness.  Aeshab was founded with one main goal in mind: to create a perfect union between body, heart, and mind and glow from the inside out.

"At Aeshab, we are passionate about the power of plant extracts and botanical actives to give you healthy, fresh skin. Our range of pioneering natural skincare products formulated with an abundance of potent therapeutic ingredients derived from nature & activated by the great power of science to enrich and enhance your skin. Aeshab is an evolution of our love of plants and natural ingredients."


Hedi & Hajer Derouiche