Frankincense facial oil - for more youthful-looking skin

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Our Frankincense facial oil botanical extracts contains effective compounds from date seed and frankincense resin acting together to improve and restore skin appearance & beauty. Helps to fight premature aging skin signs. Date Seed sourced from the palm trees in the south of Tunisia… As a source of essential fatty acids and vitamins, Phoenix dactylifera L. seeds extract forms the essence of it all, it is known as an antioxidant and has been proven to have an exceptional affinity with the skin.
Dried resin Sourced from desert trees in Oman…
An aromatic resin often used in perfumes and incense. Known for its high content of effective constituents including specific terpenoids and boswellic acids, main contributors to the biological activities of the frankincense species.

Frankincense facial oil: 
Ideal for Mature skin
Daily use For face, Neck, & décolleté

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